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All with Gem Juice agreed orders, contracts or other agreements or Gem Juice made offers, including our offered products are in scope of these policies. Gem Juice remains the right to change all contiditions at any time. Gem Juice is not responsible for typo's, small detail changes or small deviations from product pictures or wrongly disclosed prices. When in doubt on prices, options or functionalities confirm with Gem Juice by mail. 


All prices are stated in Euro. Gem Juice remains the right to change prices. 


All complaints relating to delivery, quality, capacity of a product or evry other contract will be taken seriously by Gem Juice. The client needs to contact Gem Juice within 24 hours with gem Juice by mail. Gem Juice will investigate this as soon as possible and search for a solution. All tips and suggestions are welcome. 

Applicable right and legal differences

The agreements between Gem Juice and the client are in scope of the Belgium Law. 



Gem Juice is not responsable for direct or indirect damages to persons or other goods conflicted or relating to the usage of Gem Juice products. Gem Juice is not liable for changes in prices, colour compared to pictures and texts. The information is regularly completed and is directly applicable wihtout any notice needs to be given. 

It is not allowed to use pictures or other documentation from our shop without any written permission.